The Marshall Project

Bill Keller, Editor in Chief
The Marshall Project presents delicate yet in-depth reporting on mass incarceration by humanizing the stories of the imprisoned and the families who mark time with them.

National Geographic

Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
With indelible imagery and innovative use of design and technology, National Geographic delivers emotional bite with the precision of a leopard seal on the hunt.

The New Yorker

David Remnick, Editor
The New Yorker’s website offers groundbreaking, impactful journalism on the biggest stories of our time, clearly expressed and carefully presented.


Puja Patel, Editor in Chief
The graphics are vibrant and the voice by turns serious, irreverent and hilarious—Pitchfork gives its audience every reason to love reading about music.


Anna Holmes, Editorial Director
Reyhan Harmanci, Executive Editor
Topic provides freewheeling views of the human experience with excellent writing, crisp design, exceptional use of multimedia and a seamless mobile experience.